Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Take Your Pick....

Where in Richard Burkard's world would you like to go?

NEW! The Public Speaking - Messages given at a church congregation in Kansas

The Poker Ministry -- our blog "On The Flop"

The Music (a CD of inspiring songs has sold out; single-track sales are pending)

The Blog of Columbus, Georgia (nine years of news and humor, 2003-2011)

The Voice Talent (commercials and other projects)

The Religious Articles (a.k.a.

(The Power Frisbee blog from 2006 has been deleted.)

Keep checking.... there could be MORE....

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I read over your blog, and i found it inquisitive, you may find My Blog interesting. My blog is just about my day to day life, as a park ranger. So please Click Here To Read My Blog
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Richard, May I have your email address so I can answer your questions about my sermon that I presented last week in Shawnee COG7? Send it to the following email address.

In the love of Christ...Steven
I like the idea of playing poker but not for money. I have occasionally played for chips, not paid for, and I enjoyed it, but it is hard to find people who want to play poker just as a game, and not for money.

I like poker because I like estimating the odds in my head and making decisions based on probabilites.
I just met you online in NLOP. I would like to share my thoughts on faith as well as poker with you.
I've just had a job opening for a News Producer in Lawrence, KS. If you're interested, please drop me a line. I would have forwarded it directly to your EMail account, but I can't seem to find that. I hope to hear from you soon. Write me at:
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